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This web page contains:

a) A Brief introduction to Scottish Country Dancing. 

b) Brief Information on the Club   (Including a link to a Map showing where we meet.)

c) Information about joining us including a map

Brief introduction to Scottish Country Dancing.

Scottish Country Dancing is an enjoyable way of exercising your body and your mind. Although it is a form of dancing with its roots in Scotland, where it has been enjoyed for many generations, it is now danced in many places in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand etc. Many of the modern dances were written outside Scotland and have contributed to the development of this form of dance. 

Dances are danced in sets, the most common being a longways set of four couples, with first couple closest to the band. Typically first couple will dance with the second and third couple in figures taking 32 bars of music. They will then have progressed to second place from where they repeat the movements with 3rd and 4th couple. The dance then continues with the original second couple repeating the movements from first place. Each of the four couple thus dances twice and the dance is repeated 8 times in all.

Dances come in three tempos. Reels are fast, flowing and probably the most energetic of the tempos. Jigs are jolly and bouncy. The slower Strathspeys are stately and elegant with a wealth of beautiful slow airs to accompany them.

The main object of the dances is social - to experience the joy of moving to music in the company of others who are enjoying themselves. In addition to the weekly classes many other local clubs hold social dances. There is a dance to go to most weekends within an hour's drive. 

Brief Information on the Club

The Club meets every Thurs night in The Parish Church Hall (All Saints) Oakham from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.  There is a public car park next to the hall. The map below shows where we are.

Typically the meeting will consist of two sessions during which dances will be taught by walking them through and then dancing them. Between the two sessions we have a short break. 

Information about joining us

Just come along to one of our meetings. Ideally drop us an e-mail to say when you are coming. You should wear soft shoes with low heels and clothes in which you can move freely and comfortably, (kilts are only worn at social dances and then they are optional). Please bring a drink for the interval.

Oakham Map